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Simple. Powerful.

Our unique and intuitive decision-tree builder makes building complex decision-trees a breeze.

Inuitive Decision Tree Builder
Creative Answer Question Grouping

Intuitive. Natural.

Creative, natural groupings of questions and answers.

On deep nested lilies — that’s what we call questions and answer boxes — your point of origin will remain in a single line, so you don’t get lost.

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Core Features

Custom Templates

Each question can have it’s own design. Child q&a’s inherit styles. Give final answers a different design, or create a custom intro. Whatever you want!

Simplified Languages i18n

Your various languages are all in one place, not scattered across multiple projects and files.

Easy Integrations

Use our easy-to-use system to build your decision tree, then integrate with your 3rd-party system.

Intuitive and Easy

Organizing your thoughts can be tough. Our simplified layout and coupling of questions and answers make it easy to build a decision-tree.


Collecting answers is great, but when integrating with your internal systems, using our variables adds powerful options for collecting specific data related to users answers.

Get paid.

Coming soon is the ability to charge for answers to your decision-trees. Also the ability to enable ads and get revenue sharing. Build great decision trees and share them!


This software as a service is currently free to use while in beta. All ponds built during this period will be included in our free-tier. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



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