Once you have created a template you can assign them to lilies. If you do not know how to create templates, head over to our tutorial here.

The first template you create in a pond will become the default template for the pond.

That is all and good, but what if certain lilies need to look different than others?

Create a new template and then assign it to a lily! On the lily toolbar  , select the template editor button.Note that only question lilies will have this button.


You’ll be presented with a way to choose a template. Select the template you want to assign to your lily and click SAVE. You will notice that on the toolbar the template edit button is now blue.This will let you know what lilies have templates assigned to them.

Note that once you assign a template to a lily, all children lilies will  inherit that template until the path comes upon a new template to use.

To try out your new template, click on the  in the pond dropdown menu next to the project you want to view.